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We facilitate people of all age groups to learn Quran from qualified trained teachers.



We offer our services round the clock (24/7) with affordable charges, (i.e. as low as 15USD) to provide opportunity of learning to everyone.

Introduction to Online Quran Teaching Academy

Online Quran learning is a very interesting way being adapted by the people all over the world. Escalating popularity of Online teaching system is attributed to resolve the problem of finding qualified tutors nearby and it also saves precious time of students as they can learn the subject just being at homes with the ease of monitoring by their parents / guardians about their progress. Students have the options to attend classes on suitable timings.

Online teaching teaching system not only serves the people of all age groups yet is also proving to be the easiest way for getting knowledge about basics of Islam.

Importance of Quran Education can be realized by the following saying of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

“The Best amongst you is the one, who learns Quran and teaches it”.

The main objective of establishing this Quran Institute is to attain blessings of Allah by teaching the Holy Quran with the Rules of Tajweed (Reading of the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation / accent) alongwith Tafseer and basics of Islam. EzlearningQuran.com is an Online Quran Teaching Academy serving across the World and we welcome people of all age groups who are interested in Quran learning with correct pronunciation / tajweed. Therefore, using this platform, people can learn, how to read / recite and understand the Holy Quran alongwith the basics of Islam.

Procedure for Online Quran Teaching Academy

Requirements for Online Quran Classes are given below:

Requirements for online quran teaching academy

You need:

  • A Desktop Computer / Laptop
  • A BroadBand Internet Connection
  • WebCam / HeadSet with Microphone (For Audio Video Conversation)
software requirements for online quran teaching academy

Software Requirements:

  • Skype OR
  • Any meeting / Google Hangouts

Process is very simple and detailed Instructions are provided after Registration.

Key Features of Online Quran Teaching Academy

About Online Quran Teaching Academy

Online Quran Teaching Academy is a non-partisan organization and has no connection to any political or Islamic organization. We educate people in the light of Quran and Sunnah and do not promote any sectarianism. Online Quran Teaching Academy offers its services round the clock with the objective, to provide online tutoring services for Quran learning with the core of our hearts. That is why we welcome our Muslim brothers of all ages to learn the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation / Tajweed alongwith the basics of Islam.

Affordable Fee Structure

Online Quran Teaching Academy offers a very reasonable fee making it affordable to most of the people. Minimum fee offered for one-to-one classes is as low as 20USD or Equivalent. And for group session minimum fee is 15USD. Moreover, we also offer 25% fee concession for siblings from the same family.

Online Quran Tutoring Services / Techniques

Online Quran Teaching Academy has well qualified Tutors / Qari from reputed University or Organization and are well trained with full ability to teach online in English and Urdu languages. Our teacher are competent enough to engage students in a friendly environment ensuring the learning process easier. For efficient teaching we use Screen Sharing Protocols along with online writing Boards. To facilitate female students, we have females tutors who can teach friendly and politely using the modern online teaching techniques.

Free Registration with 3 Days Trial Classes

Online Quran Teaching Academy has a very simple process of registration with no registration fee. One can easily register by submitting form by visiting the link http://ezlearningquran.com/registration and avail 3Days free trial classes on suitable timings / Days.