Online Quran Teaching Academy

Online Quran Teahing Academy’s aim is to facilitate each and every student to learn Holy Quran online from skilled teachers. Online Quran Teaching Academy is the platform for Muslims to reach the ultimate destiny and learn Holy Quran true meaning. Muslims residing in non-Muslim States face diffiulty in finding Qualified Quran tutors for their children. but however, now using online Teaching procedure, they have the ease of finding suitable teacher to learn Quran just from their homes.

Our most experienced and Qualified tutors, can teach The Holy Quran well on Internet using modern techniques including use of Online writing Board and Screen sharing protocols.  The Quran teaching staff at Online Quran Teahing Academy is competent in various Quran and religious tutoring matters along with the tutoring techniques. Teachers are well trained and qualified from recognized Institutions. Being friendly and courteous they have full ability to attract and satisfy the students in a friendly way. 

Online Quran Teaching Academy is a platform serving across the world including number of countries like, GermanyCanada, USA and Australia etc.

A Brief History

We started this institute in 2010 with an objective that we have to deliver our best to the far most places in the world. For it we established a team of Qualified teachers to spread the knowledge of Islam. We offer comprehensive classes with qualified Quran teacher, who guarantee you to recite correctly, following all the Tajweed rules while teaching Quran.  Uptill now we have taught number of kids and parents to Learn Quran with Tajweed.

Some Facts About Us

Online Quran Teaching Academy provides online Quran teaching services across the World. Online Quran Teaching Academy is a non-partisan organization with no connection with any political or Islamic organization. Our aim is to facilitate people of all age groups, who are interested in Quran learning and Basics of Islam.

With the Goal in mind we keep our charges to a minimal affordable level. Due to Inexpensive fee structure and no registration or admission fee anyone interested in Quran learning can afford it easily.