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  • There is no Registration or Admission fee

Courses Detail and Fee Structure

The main objective of establishing this Quran Institute is to attain blessings of Allah by delivering the Quran Knowledge i.e. Reading of the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation and accent (Tajweed) alongwith Tafseer and basics of Islam with their essence.

The Quran teaching staff at Online Quran Teaching Academy is competent in various Quran and religious tutoring matters along with the tutoring techniques for online teaching. Teachers are well trained and qualified from recognized Institutions. Being friendly and courteous they have full ability to attract and satisfy the students in a friendly way.

Beside male teachers we also have Female teachers that are well qualified with an ability to teach politely and engage the students in Online Quran Learning process.

Keeping in mind our primary mission we offer online classes at charges as low as possible, so that everyone can afford it easily.

* In general for the sake of simplicity we offer a unique Quran Learning Course that covers all essentials of of Islam starting from kalmas, Prayers (Namaz), Fasting and basic supplications (Duain) alongwith Tajweed (Reading of the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation and accent), but however students can opt any of the mentioned courses according to their need.

Courses Offered:

1. General Course for kids – Starting with Noorani Qaida alongwith Basic Islamic Teachings

2. Noorani Qaida – for Kids

3. Quran with Tajweed 

4. Basic Islamic Teachings (Covers basic concepts of Islam and information regarding Wudu/Ablution, Salat, Zakat, Fasting etc.)

5. Quran Memorization

Fee Structure:

Sr. No.

Classes / week or Classes /month

Fee (USD) or Equivalent


2 Classes / week or 8 Classes / month



3 Classes / week or 12 Classes / month



4 Classes / week or 16 Classes / month



5 Classes / week or 20 Classes / month



6 Classes / week or 24 Classes / month


* Classes for above mentioned Courses are organized in one to one fashion.

Benefit for Joining Small Groups:

Although for the above mentioned courses we offer 1-1 classes, yet however, we also offer online classes for students in small groups i.e. (3-5) students/Group termed as Group Session. In Group Session students are offered 25% discount in the fee. But however students willing to join group session would have to wait for some time to complete the respective group.

* We also offer 25% fee concession for siblings from the same family.

Payment Options:

For making payment you can do online transaction using your Credit / Debit Card to the bank account number given to you. OR you can also use other channels like Skrill or Express Money etc which ever is convenient for the said purpose.

For any Assistance / Query:

In case if you need any other information or have any query regarding any type of issue, Please feel free to contact me – The Program In-Charge (Dr. Salman). You can reach me either by submitting a query online or email me at 
   Email: [email protected]
   Email: [email protected]  

   or by a voice call on viber, Whatsapp or imo 
   through my contact No. +923075631414